Where the finest craftsmanship meets feminine nonchalance

Hamburger jewelry manufacturing since 1994

Jewelery has its greatest effect when it emphasizes the essence of its wearer – with this aim we create our collections. Soft and flowing are the shapes of the rings, earrings and necklaces, made from 18k mat white and rosegold, which are particularly appealing to the skin. Whether for the day or the evening, the collections are timeless and can be combined with each other. For women who prefer it casual and uncomplicated.



Spreckelsen Manufaktur


Goldsmithing to perfection

Every step is carried out with technical precision

Finest structures that seem to flow. Gently shimmering reflections by cleverly set diamonds. The attention to detail and the perfection of the elaborate surface treatment are what give our jewelry its fascinating, unmistakable charisma. Throughout a high standard of quality and craftmanship remain a high priority to us.